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Real World Seduction: Swinggcat's Guide to Real World Seduction (EBooks) Reviews

Real World Seduction: Swinggcat's Guide to Real World Seduction\ Reviews

Swinggcat's Real World Seduction 2.0 Is The Best Written Book On Seduction

Posted By: John on 10-03-2010 20:04

This book was much better than expected. I liked the original Real World Seduction. But Real World Seduction 2.0 blew me away. It

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Swinggcat kicks butt

Posted By: dgaunn4114 on 24-01-2010 16:24

hey guys. I just wanna tell you, i have real world seduction 2.0, and have listened to his sexual connections CD course. In my opinion RWD 2.0 is the single best seduction course you can get online for less than $200! The two best are Swinggcat's Sexual Connections course, and Ross Jeffries SS 3.0. The simple step by step path outlined in his CDs are the best outline ever. combine it with a bit of NLP here and there with jeffries, and the girls will be droppin left and right.

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Real World Seduction 2, Review

Posted By: Twice on 22-07-2009 00:39

I really wanted to write here my review about "Real World Seduction 2", i was sure it was an amazing product, and i would use it form this summer, but...
...i Can NOT!


Because i payed a product Never sent to me. I buyed in the first hour he was on line, the Swinggcat's system had trouble with my credit card and so i wrote to him to fix it. He told me to pay with pay pal, and so i did.

I hoped he sent me everything, but he didn't. He said i sent to you Tomorrow...this happened 3 (!) days Ago. I wrote to him to fix the problem and he NEVER answer me.

I run an on-line business, and so i know the common problems with payment, and so on, but when you act like Swinggcat Does there is something wrong.

And so i do NOT recommended to buy this product from him, as i think a Master PUA has to be for first a Gentl

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1 out of 5

Posted By: kato on 23-07-2007 07:38

I have read a LOT of stuff on pickup and dating and listened to 1000's of hours of seminars, so my review is not based on nothing. And i gotta be honest, this book kind of sucks overall. While it has a few GREAT points, i feel they could all be summed up in about 1 paragraph.

Swinggcat really goes out of his way (WAY more than anyone else) to sell his book on the seduction forums, and as is often true of people who push with that much forced effort, this is a sign of desperation and lack of confidence in a product to sell itself. The ONLY reason i bought it was because I came across the fact that swinggcat was rated #2 pickup artist on thundercat's lair and i thought checking out his advice might be a good idea.

Well, a part of me now thinks that this may have been a marketing scheme as i have recently read that thundercat and swinggcat are really good friends. And if not, well maybe this guy can pick up like a maniac, but he is a shitty writer and teacher.

Also, i don't know if you care about this, but his ideas seem to be more on the 'dishonest surface techniques', fuck with a girl's validation, mysogynistic, do anything to get laid stream of thoughts. As opposed to David D's stuff and a book i am reading now by JUGGLER (how to meet and connect with women), which is excellent and full of integrity and is just about making yourself into a better man overall who just naturally attracts women.

Basically swingcats book ends with one of his "success" stories that actually made me slightly ill while reading it. It was just a bunch of corny, canned, stories leading up to him sleeping with a girl. I personally don't want this. I want to make real "mini-relationships" with woman that even a guy like mystery talks about wanting. I definintely don't want to be a 'nice beta male provider guy', but i do want to be a 'good guy', and you won't learn this from this book. Rather learn david d's inner game stuff to get a better idea of how to set up high-status frames.

Anyways this book can be summed up (and i swear) as this: "be the prize, make women want you by framing every interaction as YOU being the prize, not her. Do this by auto-suggestions ("i am the prize", "everywoman wants to sleep with me") and by using a variety of techniques (re-hashed from almost every other ebook i have read) such as push-pull (push her a way with your comments, stories and body language - stand at an angle) and then pull her in with the same things. Never fully push her away and never fully pull her in." There that's honestly it. I just saved you money and time.

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2.5 out of 5

Posted By: johnny on 10-07-2007 17:16

Swinggcat's ebook can be both simple and confusing. First, his prizability frame is one that all wanna be PUAs should learn to internalize. Part one of his book is excellent inner game information. Second, he gives simple assignments that help you understand the prizability frame.

However, the rest of the book is all technique and tactics. Cold reading, open loops, canned openers, qualifying, ect.... I'm not one who likes gimmicks and canned material. Much of these gimmicks are very confusing to understand and sometimes you're left wondering if this is just BS.

I feel the book is not worth the price. If you are one who has trouble internalizing canned material and gimmicks, this book is not for you.

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Pretty good, but don't expect a response from him

Posted By: Matt on 30-06-2007 14:08

This book is pretty good. Most of the techniques he explains in the book are right on and a good read. Now maybe it's just me, but I found his use of technical terms to be confusing. I think this book is intended for guys who already have a decent grasp on dating women and are just looking for that extra boost to get more success. If that's what you're after, then buy this book. But if you're clueless about the dating game or need to work on your inner game (confidence), then this book will not help you. Oh, and don't expect a response from "SwinggCat" if you have a problem. He only seems to respond to satisfied customers. I don't have the exact link, but less than a day after buying his book, I found a website that had most (if not all) of the book's contents available for free. Naturally, I contacted him for a refund. After several attempts to contact him or PayPal, I'm basically stuck w/a worthless book as my username/password doesn't seem to work anymore. I e-mailed him about that a week ago, but of response.

So, if you're looking for something that's WELL worth the price, covers everything, and has a support e-mail address that you'll actually get responses from....try Marius' book helped me a lot and you don't need a PhD in Seductivology to understand his techniques. :)

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Pretty good

Posted By: Drew on 21-06-2007 17:49

This book is a really good source for routines if one is an advanced seducer. On the other hand, if someone who bought this does not understand the basics of the inner game, this book is useless and will completely mess with your head! Without the proper inner game you will be unhappy with results. Understand that attraction should JUST be another part of your life, not base your world around seducing women.

On the other hand, for those who "get it", have the basic skills, and want to have FUN with women this book can lead you in the right direction. I recommend any David DeAngelo video on Inner Game before buying this. Be mentally ready before you absorb all this valuable information.

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Real World Seduction

Posted By: Swingcat on 26-05-2007 18:38

RIp-OFF ALERT - May be a good book. The PayPal site took my money and I have no book to review. The Real World Seduction customer service e-mail address given on their webpage does not exist. I have e-mailed them 3 times to the seller e-mail given on the PayPal receipt - no response. PayPal isn't helping. Sharkman had a similiar problem so this is the norm.

You'll laugh you'll cry, you'll kiss $39.95 good-bye.

Bye the way, I've learned if you buy anything from PayPal you've agreed to pay them, whether you get your stuff or not and your credit card will not cancel the sale.

Like to gamble? You'll love Swingcat.

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tactics routines

Posted By: haar1 on 04-03-2007 11:36

I hate the fact that he sees everything as a tactic or routine. I think the seduction process becoms too much of a logical game. " hmm, i will tell her the boy george story now, hoping that will get me laid "

He focuses too much on outer game instead of inner game. This is not a book for the newcomers, you will get too many ideas at the same time by reading it and there will be a mental blackout.

He lets you see how good stories sound like, and how you tap into womens emotion, making them go up and down, totally in transe. But he does not teach you how to become a man that has strong inner confidence.

I took 10% of the concepts in the book that I found to be the most useful. I love the push pull chapter, very effective.

Go read the book and take what you like. The guy knows what he is talking about. Just that I dont think it has so much power in helping your game.

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Swinggcat Real World Seduction ebook review

Posted By: Sharkman on 28-11-2006 23:35

(Originally posted on mystery's forum. Reprinted with permission)

After looking for reviews on this product without success, I thought I'd add my 2 cents.

This book is an excellent resource for a mulititude of Attraction subjects. Swinggcat gives very detailed ideas on open loops and push-pull methods that pull together the concepts into easily understood and employable tools, some openers that you've seen elsewhere, but the strengths of this book lay elsewhere.

First, his thoughts on Frame and Meta-Frame are absolute gold. It's kind of hard for those first finding the community to really grasp the meaning of having a strong frame, especially when the term isn't self-defining. He defines both frame, (behaviors and actions), and meta-frame, (the overall meaning of the interaction) in simple terms, including examples of successful and unsuccessful meta-frames. Alone, the definition of his meta-frame, (alluded to in this post

in this thread

) should be required reading for the aspiring PUA.

Second, his coverage of shit tests, (Part 4: Chick Tests and Chick Frames) is brilliant. By coming from a strong meta-frame, these can be dealt with effectively, (common knowledge to most), but his methods and examples of reframing these tests can be light-bulb-goes-off moments for those struggling with the concept. The chapter on Chick Frames is another; I'm sure most guys will recognize these from somewhere in their past. What I found interesting is that through Swinggcats and Mysterys methods, the PUA is aspiring to steal that same frame and use it on women through "Prizability" meta-frames.

He covers cold reading, rapport, body language, style and storytelling well, with guidlines to follow. Nothing orginial here, but ithey are good additions to the book. One point is that the use of negs is notably absent from his method, as are any mention of IOIs or SOIs which i feel to be critical tools for attraction and calibration / escalation.

This book is an excellent supplement to the VAH REGARDING ATTRACTION. His section on rapport is good but really comes accross as VAH A3 stuff, v. VAH Comfort (C1 - C3) or Juggler Method type rapport. The forums are repleat with stories about kicking ass and taking names only to crash and burn over lack of a strong Comfort game.

My only complaint is that it took 10 days to recieve Real World Seduction, after 2 unanswered emails and filing a complaint with PayPal.

Highly recommended.


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Swingcats Real World Seduction Review

Posted By: The Funktipus on 09-06-2006 00:07

This one was better than expected, Swingcat
explains that instead of "gaming" women, we should be "prizing" them, he then goes into detail about how to be the prize in the interaction and get the girls chasing you, lots of great techniques and nuggets of gold throughout, highly recommended.

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